At Polyverse, we started a new Open Source project and we want your help. 

Win $1,000 by helping us find some previously unidentified cybersecurity attack vectors using Zerotect - an open source detection agent that looks for attempted ROP (Return Oriented Attacks). These attacks manifest as Segmentation Faults or process crashes. With Zerotect:

  • flag attacks with a 0% false-positive rate, even if its the first time in history the attack occurred
  • require no historical data, signatures, AI or ML
  • we support multiple log formats and source inputs

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Get $1,000 for catching an attack with Zerotect

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Blind ROP attack on NGINX

Learn how to conduct a Blind ROP attack on Nginx.



Anatomy of a brute force attack

Blind ROP is a new attack vector actively exploited in the wild. Learn more about how it works and what you can do to protect yourself.




An attack/exploit Detector that utilizes Polymorphism and Diversity