How to secure containerized and Kubernetes based workloads-2

Join Archis Gore

as he shares what you need to know about Polyscripting and how you can protect your WordPress sites from code injection attacks:

  • Hackers don't target WordPress, they target your business
  • How Polyscripting can protect you from code execution attacks
  • The actionable steps that companies can take to increase their security posture






About the speaker:
Archis Gore


Archis Gore has a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Pune. Most of his collegiate work was focused on practical solutions to intractable problems.

He began his technology career from the Code4Bill competition, becoming the one of the top 20 student technologists out of India from amongst 150K contestants. During his internship he filed his first patent for a phonetic search algorithm for finding similar-sounding words at constant-cost. He worked on the Windows Mobile version of Live Mesh.

Archis moved on to Amazon's retail Search Experience team. He worked in operations, owning latency, a large-scale service migration to a serverless platform before serverless was a word. He holds a patent for measuring human-perceived latency of webpages. He also worked in Q4 capacity and reliability planning, running thanksgiving weekend operations. It was in large-scale service operations that he noticed a gap in operational cybersecurity, i.e. security that is easily implemented, effective immediately, and automated at very large scale. This led to his current mission at Polyverse Corporation: "To solve cybersecurity." At Polyverse, as CTO, Archis leads the R&D team primarily focused on finding solutions to cybersecurity problems that work in context of where the world is today, are immediately effective (removing an entire class of attack), and simple to implement and deploy at any scale (he takes personal pride that all Polyverse product "demos" are also complete production installs - they're really that simple.)