How to secure containerized and Kubernetes based workloads

Join Blue Conway

as she shares what you need to know about Polyscripting and how you can protect your WordPress sites from code injection attacks:

  • How Polyscripting can protect you from code execution attacks
  • How to install Polyscripting for WordPress
  • The actionable steps that companies can take to increase their security posture





About the speaker:
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Blue Conway

Software Engineer, POLYVERSE

Coming from a background of studying logic and ancient greeks, Blue Conway later shifted her career sights to tech. With an undergraduate degree in philosophy and a Master’s in computer science, she consistently focuses on finding the marriage between the two disciplines. After interning for a cybersecurity startup during her graduate program at Northeastern, Blue officially began her career as a software engineer when that startup—Polyverse—hired her as the company’s first female engineer. For the last year, she has spearheaded Polyverse’s first open-source R&D project that examines how to make software and systems more secure using new and unconventional methods. Within this context she questions the arbitrary decisions systems make during and prior to compilation, finding new insights from taking a step back and examining “why,” “when,” "how,” and “where”—particularly in regards to security within a closed system. In this respect, she believes that software engineers are a modern example of coupling philosophical reasoning and engineering applications.