How to secure containerized and Kubernetes based workloads-2-3

Join Rui Maximo

as he and Dan Elder from Novacoast give insight into how Polyverse and SUSE are providing an innovative way to protect against zero-day attacks.  They will cover:

  • What hackers are actually attacking
  • How to protect against the exploitation of memory based vulnerabilities
  • What are the actionable steps that companies can take to increase their security posture?
About the speaker:


Rui Maximo is Director of Solutions Engineering at Polyverse. He’s worked in security at Microsoft, consulted for RSA, developed security solutions for Microsoft Skype for Business Server primarily used by banks, worked at and consulted for many companies and startups. He also developed a cyber security course for Bellevue College. He’s the co-author of 6 books on Skype for Business and numerous articles.

In his personal time, Rui likes to think up new product ideas, snowboard, explore new parks during the shelter-in-place, bike and is an options trader.